Fear of Oblivion

Just what is so captivating about posting on social media?

Is it narcissism, is it simply networking, is it the fear of oblivion or perhaps a mixture of these. The need to make your mark, state your stand, to prove your existence. Several months and years of not posting on social media platforms and one simply becomes forgotten by acquaintances. And yet what is the point of being remembered? I scroll through posts and stories of people I once knew, I see read and watch videos of their lives that bear no meaning to me. So why do I continue scrolling through these day after day?

Stop posting and people forget about your existence, stop reading and you get lost in time, in your own world. The world has evolved to include our social media platforms and it has become a part of us that we cannot avoid. As much as I wish to share my daily experiences in real life I begin to find that not everyone cares and such experiences belong on the internet where audiences find their own content that’s music to their ears.

Disgusted by the narcissism on social media but they call this networking. Can’t blame one for the their fear of oblivion, as much as I wish to say I quit social media, I too fear oblivion and proceeds to scroll through instagram after this post.



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